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Who We Are


    Who We Are

    We are a new junior volleyball club in Atlanta, but we are not new to the sport or the area. We have decades of coaching experience and along with that, we have new ideas, a new training system, and a fresh new approach to coaching and mentoring that we feel is exactly what Georgia needs.

    Come see us – come listen to us – come join us – AND BE TRANSFORMED!

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    Distinctly Different

    We coach the whole athlete – not just the one who plays the sport.

    This means that not only will we offer volleyball training, but we will coach life skills, encourage volunteering, mentoring, assist with the entire college recruiting experience, and we will even assist those whose goals include playing at the national level.

    We are here to help every single athlete reach their potential.

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    Our Promise

    We will create a mentally and physically healthy environment for young athletes to test themselves through challenging training and competition.

    Athletes will be encouraged each and every day by a supportive staff of coaches who will seek to actively improve the overall lives of these athletes by being positive mentors who both know the game and seek to create balance between sport and life.

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The Four Pillars


because winning isn't how we measure success



    - SYSTEMS -
    - FORM -

    developed through a combination of strength training, physical challenges, stretching and mobility work

    - STRENGTH -
    - FITNESS -
    - MOBILITY -


    - FOCUS -
    - PRESENCE -

    built by learning to push through physical challenges to develop an understanding that everyone is capable of so much more than they might know

    - TENACITY -
    - GRIT -

    - FAMILY -

    built on confidence created by the physical and mental pillars; allows the athlete to learn to be vulnerable and approach life with a student's mind

    - RITUAL -


    - WISDOM-
    - PURPOSE -

    an athlete with the strength and confidence to allow themselves to be vulnerable will awaken to the realization of a world outside their own - and of their responsibilities within it

    - INSIGHT -


Kelly Murphy

"Suzanne is the greatest coach and mentor I’ve ever had. She cares so deeply for each of her players and is incredibly passionate. She teaches great skills and work ethic like all great coaches, but what is truly special is the way Suzanne coaches and teaches mental toughness and consistency. The mental aspect of the game is hard to master but vitally important to become the best player you can be. Those skills are invaluable and will set you up for success for the rest of your life.

You'll discover the best version of yourself playing for Suzanne."

  • Outside Hitter 2006 - 2011
  • Club, Middle School, and Varsity High School
  • Gatorade Player of the Year
  • Four-Time Academic All-American and Team Captain for the University of Michigan

Dalaney Hans

"I have never had a coach care more about my growth as a player just as much as my growth as a person. Suzanne coached me for 7 years of my life and the lessons she taught me then still guide me now as I continue my volleyball career at the division 1 level. I am so lucky to have been coached by Coach Fitz."

  • Setter 2011 - 2017
  • Club, Middle School, and Varsity High School
  • Currently playing for the University of Georgia

Kyle Ferguson

"Playing for coach Fitzgerald is like nothing I have ever experienced before. Her excitement about the game always brings the best out of you. She will hold you to a higher standard than other coaches because she believes in your potential. If you like winning, she’s the coach to play for!"

  • Middle Blocker 2016 - 2018
  • Varsity High School
  • Currently playing for Belmont Abbey

Riley Fischer

"I played for Coach Suzanne my 14-1 season at A5 Volleyball Club. I personally believe within that one year I found the core player I am today. Coach Suzanne provides a confidence within each of her players that allows everyone to see their potential. While playing for her definitely was not the easiest thing I've ever done, it was beyond worth it. The mental and physical strength I gained that season has stuck with me to this day.

"Suzanne not only makes you a great volleyball player, but a great person. Regardless of the consequences thrown at you, the rigorous workouts or enforced discipline, one thing I have always been sure of is she always has my back."

  • Libero
  • Club
  • Currently playing for the University of Florida

Mia Stander

"Coach Suzanne was one of the coaches that I so desperately wanted to play for when I started out at volleyball. I saw the way she transformed players from good to great. What I didn't know was how she transformed girls into young women.

"Through my one season with Coach Suzanne I found a strength inside of myself that I didn't know existed and the core values that I retain to this day as a player and as a person. Although I wouldn't describe the experience as easy, I would say that it is definitely worthwhile because it will shape you mentally and physically. Suzanne always has the best interest of her players and even if she's not your coach, she is always there for you whenever you need her."

  • Libero
  • Club
  • Currently playing for the University of Louisville

Molly Pember

"I played for Fitz for my 14s club season and am now going on my 3rd high school season with her as my coach at Walton.

"I have found a new love for the game through her passionate coaching and personality. I have become a whole new player under her coaching and have been pushed to both my physical and mental limits. I am a much more confident player now and feel that she has put in her best effort to prepare me to play volleyball at the next level. She truly has helped me see my true potential by pushing me harder than any coach ever has before.

"Not only have has she changed me as a player, but more importantly as a person."

  • Libero
  • Club/High School
  • Currently playing for Auburn University

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