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TK Volleyball Academy

Volleyball training today:

  • You go to the gym, you pay your money for that day, and you hope…
  • You hope that other athletes show up.
  • You hope that the other athletes who do show up train at least close to your level so that either you are not a) training with others who struggle, or b) training with others too far advanced.
  • You hope that your coach will at least know your name and hopefully where you stand skill-wise
  • You hope that your coach will be active and give you feedback and instruction instead of just chipping balls at you or having you serve 100 times.


What if there was a different way?

What if you always knew there would be other athletes in your class training at your level – or at least close enough to challenge you without making you feel like a failure?

What if you showed up and the coach already knew you by name and even asked you about the last time you were at training?

What if you left every class not only knowing what you worked on, but knowing what you needed to improve?

What if you always knew where you stood skill-wise? 

What if your volleyball training was more like martial arts or gymnastics where you were assessed by skill level and given a rating – like a belt in martial arts – that let you know not only where you stood, but the things you needed to accomplish to reach the next level?

And what if all of this were available with various methods of payment – daily drop-in classes, packages of multiple classes, or even monthly unlimited plans?

Welcome to the TK Volleyball Academy!

What is it?

The TK Volleyball Academy program is a revolutionary new concept in volleyball training.  It is designed with the specific intent of training all levels of athlete from the beginner to the D1 collegiate player.  Furthermore, no matter what skill level they are, every athlete will be challenged by training with athletes of a similar level, or a level or two higher if their coaches feel they’re ready for the added difficulty.

How does it work?

The first step is an evaluation.  This process is conducted at our state-of-the-art facility by one of our award-winning coaches.  You will be taken through a series of drills that assess everything from your feet to your fingertips – and that includes your brain.  Once the evaluation is complete, you will be assigned a level or rank – like a martial arts belt.  That level will come with a list of proficiencies and where you stand with them.  It will also come with a list of requirements you must meet to move to the next level.

How and when do I train?

Once you have completed an assessment and have your rank, you will enter a six to eight week training cycle with a written curriculum and list of anywhere from 12 to 20 classes per month available to athletes at your level. This means that when you sign up and attend a class, you know that every athlete in that class has been through the same evaluation process and has been assessed at essentially the same skill level as you.

Is it just skills training?

No! Fridays are Academy Fun Days where we open up the gym to the levels to participate in 6 v 6 scrimmages and put all those hard-earned skills to the test...

How do I advance?

Testing will occur at the end of each training cycle and those who have met the standards required will advance to the next level.

What if I already play club or high school volleyball?

Because The TK Volleyball Academy would like to work with the athlete during both high school and club seasons, the sessions are 60-75 minutes long and are extremely specific to the level of player and to the Academy course curriculum in each session. This is not a high-impact, high-stress environment. Rather it is designed to be used in conjunction with the athlete's school and club program and will utilize a system of communication where the athlete's respective club and school coaches can work WITH the Academy instructors.

What ages?  Is it just for girls?

The TK Volleyball Academy program is for all athletes – boys and girls – ages 5-18.

Is it just volleyball?

No, the TK Volleyball Academy will also offer add-ons (at additional costs) like Strength and Conditioning classes custom tailored to the volleyball athlete. We are also working on having seminars where athletes can learn things like leadership, time management, study habits, mental toughness, stress management, scouting, coaching…etc.  Our goal is to become a place where athletes learn to be athletes and people – not just volleyball players.

How much does it cost?  Do I have to pay for each class?

The TK Volleyball Academy program will function much like a gym membership.  An athlete will pay a monthly fee of $200 and have access to an unlimited number of classes within their skill level.  The initial evaluation will take from 60 to 90 minutes and the cost for that session is $50.  Once an athlete has been evaluated, they will receive their assessment and be offered an opportunity to commit to the TK Volleyball Academy Program.

When does it start and how to I participate?

Our new facility will open on July 1st of this year!  We will begin evaluations on that day and they will run through the seventh with the inaugural training cycle beginning on the 8th.  Spots are very limited for this inaugural cycle and athletes are urged to reserve them as soon as possible by using the link at the bottom of this page to register for one of our evaluation times.  NOTE: If you have any issues with the evaluation dates – family vacation, attending Nationals, etc – and would still like to be considered for the program, please email Angel directly at 

The TK Volleyball Academy is unlike any other training environment anywhere. We are thrilled to be the innovators of this and hope you all come experience the revolution in volleyball training that starts right here in Atlanta, GA!