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The TK Volleyball Training Philosophy


We believe that there are four pillars that support the healthy training of any athlete.  These pillars are: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Awareness.  If each of these pillars are strong, then the athlete has an excellent foundation upon which to build.  Training these four pillars is the underpinning of our philosophy and reflected in just about everything we do.

Physical ability is developed through physical challenges that require mental toughness and emotional control.  Mental toughness is built through physical, mental, and emotional challenges while motional control is achieved through confidence obtained by completing physical and mental challenges.  And awareness – of one’s self, one’s teammates, one’s parents, friends, family – and everyone else – is built through healthy competition in practice and games and beyond volleyball in team-based community service efforts.  An athlete built upon these pillars will understand that the world is bigger than them – and bigger than volleyball.  And they will have the tools to walk into that world with confidence. 

And this is how we measure our success.  Not by how many games or tournaments or medals we win – or by how many athletes we send to college.  We measure our success on how many athletes leave our gym at eighteen as healthy young adults ready to live whatever dreams they may have and fully prepared for any challenge the world may decide to send their way.